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Bush: The Rise of Evil9 NOVEMBER 2004 - Consider the following: A high profile building is destroyed by terrorists. The intelligence services of the government had clear warnings of the dangers, but made no move to apprehend the perpetrators before they could strike. The leader of the nation, when informed of the attack considers it a mandate to track down the terrorists wherever they might be hiding and destroy them. Only weeks after the attack, the parliament passes legislature that puts limits on certain personal freedoms - specifically the constitutional rights of free speech, privacy, and habeas corpus. Convinced that the current military and law enforcement agencies are not able to cope with the terrorist threat, a new security agency is created at a federal level to oversee all anti-terrorist operations. He convinces the legislature, an international consortium of nations and, for the most part the people of his own country that a "limited war" is needed to smoke out the terrorists living in another country. After a brief, violent campaign that results in relatively few "friendly" casualties, the foreign nation is subdued and the leader turns his attention elsewhere. Under the guise of furthering the ideals of his nation and his people, he attacks yet another country, this time meeting with more resistance and a predictably higher number of lives lost. Still the people fail to recognize this leader's true agenda, and he and his party sweep into power with the support of the populace.

If you feel an eerie sort of resonance there, it's with good reason.

This is not a hypothetical case, nor is it the story of George W. Bush in the wake of 9/11.

The year was 1933. The terrorist was a Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe, the building was the German Reichstag and the leader was Adolf Hitler. The "emergency legislation" was not the USA PATRIOT Act, but the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State and the new federal security force was not the Department of Homeland Security, but the SchutzStaffel - or as it is better known, the SS. The "limited war" embarked upon to smoke the terrorists out of their holes was the annexation of Austria, and later Czechoslovakia.

Goering,Ashcroft: Separated at birth? One week ago today George W. Bush goose-stepped his way into a second term as President of the United States. And the cause of liberty was set back a hundred years. I can almost hear the shouts of "Amerika ▄ber Alles!" America today is less united, less secure, less free - in short, less American than it has ever been. Was it a lack of moral courage on the part of the American public that allowed this aberration? Or have the Bushists truly won over a plurality of us with their propaganda? It's often said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But the question that begs to be answered is: "Have George W. and his brownshirts actually failed to learn from history, or have they learned the lessons well enough to repeat it intentionally?" What most people either don't know, or too readily forget, is that the Nazi Party came to power in Germany legally. There was no military coup or armed uprising that vaulted Hitler into the seat of supreme authority. Hitler and his partners in crime were elected by the German people. The following excerpts from give us some insight into the events leading up to the darkest period in the history of Europe.

"In his speeches, Hitler offered the Germans what they needed most, encouragement. He gave them heaps of vague promises while avoiding the details. He used simple catchphrases, repeated over and over.

"Hitler offered something to everyone; work to the unemployed, prosperity to failed business people, profits to industry, expansion to the Army, social harmony and an end of class distinctions to idealistic young students, and restoration of German glory to those in despair. He promised to bring order amid chaos, a feeling of unity to all and the chance to belong. He would make Germany strong again, end payment of war reparations to the Allies, tear up the treaty of Versailles, stamp out corruption, keep down Marxism, and deal harshly with the Jews.

"Money was flowing in from German industrialists who saw the Nazis as the wave of the future. They invested in Hitler in the hope of getting favors when he came to power. Their money was used to help pay the growing numbers of salaried Nazis and fuel G÷ebbel's propaganda machine."

-- Source:

"But", I hear you object, "It can't happen here. Hitler failed, as all tyrants must fail." True. Hitler failed because for all practical purposes the rest of the world aligned against him. At last, the truth! But would the rest of the world have united against Germany if Hitler had commanded the wealthiest, most powerful military-industrial complex in recorded history? And assuming that the nations of the world had such courage, could they have won?

We had an opportunity - make that two opportunities - to "crush the serpent in the egg." We failed to do that. Now we fight a war of containment. The current administration must be held in check until new elections can replace them. And new elections must replace them. Watch them carefully, they are many and they are powerful. But tyranny and oppression can flourish only in the darkness, in secrecy. We must be the conscience of our government. If we fail in this then Bush's Amerika will join Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, Peron's Argentina and all other despotic regimes on history's list. And no coalition of nations will come to liberate us. We will have the government we deserve. Finis

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